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☮️Peace Buffalo (he/they)

As a Relationship Depth coach, an old soul who comes alive with the laughter of children, the wind rippling through tall Birch trees, the neverending crash of white rushing waves at the bottom of a waterfall, and staccato breathing as lovers gently touch one another for their partners’ pleasure and their own... Peace travels the byways of the world seeking out other lifelong learners, ecstatic dancers, nature lovers, truth seekers, and open-minded spirits.

On the one hand, he has fulfilled a quest he’d determined around puberty: how to blend spirituality and sexuality?  On the other hand, he has yet to graduate from the School of Life and is still working on his New York Times’ bestseller. And on the other hand (just to see who’s paying attention) he believes everyone can experience the richness of embodied humanity through attunement, honesty, and practice.

Peace is committed to closing the Orgasm Gap, disrupting white patriarchy, and destigmatizing ED and STI’s in today’s modern complicated sexual landscape. His studies range from Body Electric and Orgasmic Meditation to Tantra and Kundalini. He is part of the National Coalition For Sexual Freedom.

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